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Welcome to Qlambo Island

My name is Prof. Dr. Qlambo Oliphant and I´m living on Kaiju Island. This is my science blog... Bitch!

Misunderstood by the world and its ungrateful inhabitants, I have retreated to my "Qlambo Islands" to live out my god complex.
Thereby I try to further optimize the work of Mother Nature and build creatures with unique beauty and special abilities.
Besides my studies I took a HTML course and made this great website. Here you can get all information about my projects.

HELP - Bullfrog Documents missing!!!

During a crossing from Port Mathurin to Mauritius I got caught in a storm. Some equipment and personal documents were lost. I have to find the red box on the following photo. Hints or finding will be generously rewarded! Should the contents fall into the wrong hands, great damage can occur. I ask to keep the box closed. Thank you!


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The Story of my Kaijus


At my former employer (whose name I am not allowed to mention here) I got bored. The tasks given to me underchallenged my mind. So I started my own experiments and wanted to create oversized and all-destroying monsters that would level the ungrateful humanity to the ground.

My plan was crowned with success, of course. My created creatures destroyed large parts of the company premises and then escaped.
Thereupon one wanted to quit me. However, I sued my employer for sexual coercion, won and received an incredible sum as compensation. The company then went bankrupt and the then managing directors took their own lives. I moved back to the capital of our beloved Federal Republic and considered how best to invest my money.

Chapter 1: Kaiju Dugu

At that time, several Kaijus created by me were still considered lost.

For many years I researched and went in search of the monsters. Without success.
In 2014, the first Kaiju reappeared in my then "Keats" Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. It spread fear and fright among the well-dressed residents and caused immense damage.

After the Bundeswehr was called in, the monster was driven away again for the time being, but its whereabouts have not been clarified to this day.

The whole thing was to be filmed later, but only this trailer was produced.

During the attempt to acoustically make contact with the Kaiju, bizarre sound worlds were created, which I then released as "Kaiju Dugu" on a long-playing record.

There are still some copies (exactly 3) of this work in my archive. If you would like to receive a copy FOR FREE, please send me an email with your name and address to



Chapter 2: Kaiju Bosoo

...more to come!
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